well I don’t remember much of the 1990s but

that is a lie but 

I had not taste buds.

I am supposed to attend social media week, this week. it will be offline, ain’t that funny ain’t that strange.

re-reading cummings

This birthday present does not wear off 
(though the book is physically falling
apart and paper crumbs appear in the
unlikeliest places in this, my apartment).

nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands

Memories, hanging by a thread.

Homenaje a los desaparecidos.

Buenos Aires/un nuevo punto de vista.

by Katalina Gutierrez. Current issue of World War 3 Illustrated.

All it takes sometimes.

Please forgive me if I stared at you for a tenth of a second too long

in the subway in the morning.

And please forgive me if I should stare at you for a hundredth of a second too long in the subway in the evening. It will be just long enough for you to notice and pretend not to, and just enough to make me blush like a twelve-and-a-half-year


year old.

not missing

one single thing.